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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  May 10, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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3& now on ffx45 early edition... 3& a llttle oy.. jumps intt action to save his mother's life. life.9-1-1- call "my mom fell ann she's bleediig bleedingher underlying mediicl condiiion.. that made very miiuteecount..- count.annargumeet between two yellingwhat the mother waa caught onncamera sayinn... and the charrgs he's facing because of it. it. thee -3 chances of a mistake being businesss are made.&3 3 today is tuessay
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3& may 10th. 3 3 3 map fiber map
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3 3 anne arundel county police arresstsix illegal aliens.. with known gang ties.police up- and- coming "brown rrde" ganngthey say thh group is 3 annapolis and at local sccools including annapolis higg and 3 the arrrsts will aae aabigg peet in the gang's abblity too operate. the sixxsuspeccs are beiig heed on mmmggrtion chargess.. and crimmnal charges agginst ttem are peeding. 3 two boys eetinto a fight -3 that's all caught on camera... but hissmorning... one of the boy's mothers issthe one facing charges...beeause oo what she said on the tape. tape.....fightiig.....
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....fighttng..... 3& you can see kelly white - encouraging herrson.. he one without a shirt on... o fight - back against the id n orange. -33the fight haappned oo aaril 27th, and was captured on say she instiggted the fight... and even after her child askkdd or help.. she refussd.they have harged her with assault ann child buse. & just protecting her soo from a bully. 3 3 well what you seen her acting like out there.. ttat's how she acts ii theehouss.i feel up.needs to be i feee like she needs to be locked up. up.she was screaming mom help, going to help you. you. white says her son has been harassed and bullied so &ppuch at school, tat she lans
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on home schoolingghim. &peeforts are underway tt frre a man convvcted f killiig a &ppolice officer more than 40 & years agoo ago.baltimore city counnil membersspassed a rrsoluuion seekkig a gooernor'sspaadon for marshall "eddie" coowayyhe was a member of theeblack 3 he and two other men weee convictedd for the murder of officer dnald sager.saaer and while sitting in their pplice prriser. cooway has always 3&pfor the past several yyars, supporters have worked to gettpis conniction overrurred. p"he wassonly coonicttd as a -3 result .. that's the only evidence they havv." have." counccl woman belinda -3 conawwy introduced the resoultion at the rrqueet of -&pthe n-double-a-c-p. 3 stay tuned o fox44 morrnng news for continuing coverage offthis story.countcilwwman ccnaway jjins us live in studdo withhmorr on why she's -3 ssonnoring conway's release.
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that's coming up in oor 6 - a baltimooe ity councilmmn is -palling on a cciy agency to & get ts finances straaihtt& straaght.councilman carl &ppprks depprtment is hurting boooeeping. amid deep buddgt cuts.. -33& buttsays the aauit pould not beecompleted because no ooe seems to bb able to get p real ccounttng oo funds. 3 (stooes) "lass year the rec and arks asked for the 3 pere not given the bookk. it 3 ttat something's not riiht when those entrusted with happenn with rrcs and parks are not able or unwilling to -3 turn over the financials.." financials.."meanwhile... compproller joan pratt ssys an - outside uuit isstoo expensive... instead &pits books in order so city - auuitoossccn finnsh theejob & they started.
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3 3 3& we could soon learn more... abbut tte life of osama bin laden. laden.the pakiitani government is giving the -s aacess to three of in laaen's widows for questioning.this could reveal a lot of nnormation... includinggwhat ell he may &phave been receiving ffom that country. 3 the idea that bin laden was in - pakistan... is causing somee --3 pplitical urroil.there are 3 minister says he will appoint investiiate in laden's long stay in the country. 3 3 3 3-3 one man is making history... but it's not for climbing times.á 3 "say hi to mommand dad.... we'll be safe, ok i love you."
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you."dad... we'll be safe, ok youu"iistead... enton cool & ever send a tweet... rom the top of mountt vvrest.his tweet number 9! first tweee from the a weak3-g ignal!" 3 therr'ssa new threat in the chesapeake bayitts cclled the -3 mitten can see... it's more round than the traddtiooal maryland craa... ...and it has "fur" around iis problems ccmes from when it burrows becauss it stirs up sediment... which blocks the &psunlight..aad thattlimiis what ccn grrw innthe bay. pq: we're very 3 concerredoq: sppeaad- pfficials say ádo notá returr thh crab to the baa aaive. p3 a baltimore ttacher... is paking up this morning with a
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distinnuished honor... 3-------cheeeing-------- --------cheeriig-------- 3 pth grade teaaher margaret may won the 20-11 city teaaher of the year award...ii a surprise &&pvisst to mount washingtonn c-e-o dr. andres alonso presented her with the ward. & she was shocked to learn sheed won. 33 "i think my mom's meant a lot to me so i waat to make sure these kids get what they need to move on and be successful." -3 successffl."may is now a caadiidte for he aryland teacher of heeyear award &pppeeentedd n the ffll. & &pafter 25 years of marriagg... arnold schharzenegger and maria shriver are caaliig it - quits.tte two announced they are separating... buttss ar - thereessbeen no mention of divorce.the couple shares our children word yet on why thee're splitting..- coming up on the early edition... twoojoons hopkins stuuentt... hit by a driver.. -& whh thhe leaves the scene.
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pidiculous hii is not happening infront of a school. -3 3 whattauthhrities are doing to & prevent these accideets fommhappeeing..- 3 ((break 1)) ((bump in)) & 3 ((2--sot toss to ♪♪ [ rock ] [ chattering ] [ man on tv ] 96309. [ man ] ♪ she got it, you got it ♪
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3 weather)) ((ad lib mmteooologist))
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3 p3 ((traffic reporter ad liib)) map fiber map liberry
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3 map wilkens 3 3 3 &p3 3 still to ome... a driver hits two stuuents near johns -33&phopkins ... sending themmto
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the hospptal... hospital...people ssould be aware. you're driiing infront of a university people are -3 going to be out and aaout. about.find out ii the ddiverr...faccs chargess just got more expensive.find -33out the meattmmker that's hikiig up their prices. 3 p(bump out)) ((break 2))
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p3 a riier hits two johns -3popkinssstudents and leaves the scenn.crime and justice reporter joy llpola says while - the driver mmy have been & ((pkkg) an accident near johns hopkins university ... hospiial. 30:09 this is ridiculous this is not something that shhuld be happening infront of a school. people should be aware. you're & university people are going o & be outtand about. while studdnts arr demanding more be pone... university officiall 3 cauuiouus10:43:39 yoo now wee -3 live in the city urbbn campus urban envvrooment. you need tto be very veey careful. it's suspected the driver who cohhnn.. haddbeen drinning... tte individual may not have been legally drunk..chhrges have yet to be filed. ssand - up 11:26:57 policeeqestiined the driver aad administered a - breaahalyzee...
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accident 3the 3psame party nd spoke withh - hii righttbefore heeleft..i'm going to drop off rachel i said ok i'll seeeyouullter. within minutes she heerd the pound of sirens.. zucker has with family... cohen remaans ps detectives contiiue tt investigate 15:54 noowwere like afriaa to cross the streee. in north baltimore jjy lepola fox 45 newssat tee. the ciiy plans to enhance 3 straiiht aheedd... 3 tteegovernment expands its investigation into ertain fooddmodels..find out the - problemm hht's sparking it. 3 puy a new homm... yyu mayy
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want to take your time making a deccsion.the reason behind phe waii... ((break 3))
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3 p rising costs 3 force áanotherá compann o & increase prices... uncle sam investigates tte & as elizabeth macdonall pxplains.... home prices & continue o ddop. 3&phigher costs forcing anotherr food processingggiant tyson raising pricees n bbef, chicken and pork. still not nough to boost the -3 company's profits from last & year. tyson expecting the rest of 2011. meantimeepeople are chowing down... and drinkkng up at mc-donald''. sales at - the world's bigggst restaurant &pexpected last month. micky-dees getting a lift from specialty rinks and breakfast - pooos. now over tt wall
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ptreet tte dow up & high gas pricee riving peoole frrm four wheels to tww. 3 nearly ten percent in thee first quartee. scooter salls gaining even more ground...surginggfifty percentt the goverrmeet pxppnding its investigation of 3 gas tankk roolems popping uu innmodels buult frrmm1997 to 2000. and lloking for a -deal on a house? you might waat tt hold out looger. & housing website zillow expectiig home ppices will keee on falliig until neex year & last qqurter they fell pusiness. i'm liz macdonnld..- 3 he miisissippi river may &pcrest in memphis: ust shy of the record breeking ffood markk -3 meanwhilee as kathllen cairns &preporrs... some marrland redd cross worrers are at the & crisii cene... assisting 3 theewater ps on the rise in memphhs, & here hundreds offhomes are in the
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patt of the xpanding mississippi rivee. ttousands have been ooderrd too vacuate. water evvls are exxected -3 to get even higherrbeffre itt prests.....some american red 3 are already on the scene oo the crisis, including kevvn burr: wwo spoke wwtt us bb skype: (kevin bbrr)""e hhve 15 shelter tams on stand by to officials predicttassmany as 6- -3 thousand people may need -sheller... but there is some ggod neww: (kevvn burr)"its a 3 peoppe time to maae arrangements, get iipprtant things,,thee'll have thhir medications, ble to use --3 support strrctures,,family and friends and et to safe areass" downtoon memmhis has alreedd been hitthard according another aryland red cross wooker: mike wilhelm:(mike 3 pp the roads near thh river..
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and some of the light poles the waaer right now"(((ccirns ptand up)))) "to put i in perspectiie... in ellicott 3 oq: downtown ellicott city would bb submerged." downtown elllcott ciiy woulddbe submerged.""eanwhile: in memphis:3 meannhile: in would be submerged."meanwhile: n memphis:more then 3-thousand pave been evacuuted already... (mmyor of memphis)--sot--"use common senss when you see the -3 waaer getting p, get out"" &pkc fox 45 news at p33 right now the american red cross is workinggat 20 major disaster relief operatioos in the united tates. 3 there's a link for donations oo our website... fox- -33 baltimore doo cco slashh
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pewslinks coming up... her... lindsay lohan is back -3 in court...find outtthe reason... --3 3
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3 doww? the personality trait &thht coull hurt your chances.. on fox 45 news at 5:30. 3 - 33 &p3 3 -33


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